Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alright! Alright already!

Thanks to Ms. DTE I have gotten a certain amount of harassment from several people about not posting the best picture from the weekend; like any of you would have know the difference if she hadn't said anything! Anyways, you get to have it today, but you might have to put up with some rambling from me as well. Well, I guess you can always skip over the words and just look at the pictures if you want. I probably wouldn't know the difference, unless you were silly enough to ask me a question that wouldn't really be needed if you read the material. You probably don't want to know what smart aleck response you would get if you did ask something like that.
So, on either Monday or Tuesday before Memorial Day, DTE called to see if we would be willing to have her home for the weekend. "Silly question!" is what you are probably thinking, "Of course! Her parents love having her home!" That would be true, we do, but the real question involved the part of needing to drive her back to school on Monday. I was more than willing to do that if it meant having her home for the weekend. Her professor had something on Friday and needed to cancel class, so she actually got to come home Thursday. She did have homework to do part of the weekend, but not so much that it kept us from having fun. (Actually, watching her do her homework was a lot of fun in and of itself.)

Anyway, our weekend involved working on filling the garden box the rest of the way with some extra dirt we had hanging around the edges of the yard

(which obviously involved help and supervision),

along with some other "good stuff" in bags from the nursery,

and making sure it was well mixed and mostly even.

(There was some supervision happening at this end of the yard/garden as well.)

Of course having DTE home meant that there was cooking involved; this time it just happened to be "Extreme cooking" so there was a quick review of safety procedures,

as well as all the proper gear and setting.

Sliced onions were involved

as well as the whole "Extreme" part.

The end result was worth it all!

(So, how many of you figured out which one "the best one"?)


Channon said...

Your feline tree decoration?

I happen to like the lazy hound photo best, but don't tell Queen O!

MLJ1954 said...

Well, I would have opted for the fried onions, but I have to say the cat sprawled on the tree is pretty cool!

bruce said...

Yeah, the feline arborist 1/2 way up the tree. And the lazy doggie was cute too. And the fire extinguisher/stove onion rings.

Jayhawk said...

Well, of all the hundreds of times I have used a Coleman gas stove, I don't believe it has ever occurred to me to have a fire extinguisher handy. And of all the times I have had a fire extinguisher, I don't believe I have ever read the instructions.

The amount of sanity displayed in these pictures is quite impressive.

Bubblesknits said...

Yup, definitely the tree decoration. :-)

Judy said...

The best one?'d be a toss up between the feline supervisor picture and (keeping in mind your daughter's taunting) the one of your backside. :)

Anita said...

That is one funny cat! She makes a great tree ornament. :)

Those onion rings are looking really tasty too! man, I'm hungry!