Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stuff is still growing around here.

The deck railing has grown some mud balls, and the forest seems to have grown a large pile of dirt.

So has the edge of the lawn by the shed.

Interestingly enough, the lawn inside the string seems to be missing a lot of dirt today.

Which had to have been a lot of hard work, considering we have had around another two inches of rain in the last thirty-six hours.

As for what I am helping grow, the baby blanket is all done, except for the 146 inches of applied I-cord I am off to work on now. It must be the season for adding I-cord to stuff. Tonight or sometime tomorrow I will have this blanket all done and ready to be mailed, which is a really good thing since the baby is going to be born on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm.... what are the mud balls for? :)

Hope you have a wonderful week! I'll be stalking your blog for info and ideas on good stuff to send you for the Summer Dishcloth Swap....

Your Secret Pal-