Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the spring

a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of rhubarb (with apologies to Tennyson)and graduation. Last weekend was the big weekend for U of MN graduations around the state (which would mean at least three, maybe four, different cities holding them). Since I had a bunch of rhubarb I needed to harvest and DTE's best friend/roommate was graduating, I was able to send DTE cake via the BFRM's mom. (BFRM will be starting vet school in August; first application and she got in!!! Do you realize how rare that is??!! Not to mention how hard she worked and how proud her family and best friend is of her.) DTE finished her last finial last Friday, moved down the hall, around a corner, and up some stairs (into an adjoining building) over the weekend, and then started May term class bright an early Monday morning. (Yes, she has also been in college for four years; yes she started college with AP and other college credits. No she did not graduate. She is taking five years to get a BA in Anthropology and a BS in Mathematics. It was either five years of 20 hours for several semesters. We said, "Take five years.") She was very happy to have cake to sustain her during the move.
These had started out as two large rhubarb plants, but since they were in the garden spot, we moved and divided them. They are now three smaller plants in the rhubarb line next to the big one that didn't need moving.

This is the raised bed box that Hubband and I built last weekend. (I know, it doesn't look level, but that is because the yard slopes.) I still need to finish filling it with dirt and get some plants into it, but that will happen this weekend.
Spring not only rings thoughts of tasty food and gardening, it brings spring flowers,



Red-wing Blackbirds


Baltimore Oriole (They love oranges and grape jelly.)

Indigo Bunting

and maybe a few thoughts of love.
Mr. and Mrs. Ring-Necked Pheasant (aka common pheasant).


Channon said...

What pretty photos! I'm feeling very fond of spring at the moment... just in time to usher in summer with Memorial Day, eh?

Jayhawk said...

Tip: if you hold the camera level then the box will look level and the yard will look slanted/sloped. But is is a nice box and is going to make a nice raised planter indeed.

The birds are awesome. I assume "someone" was indoors at the time? San Diego has tons of hummingbirds, including a world class variety of them, but we are short on the bigger, colorful types and I sort of envy you that.

Hege said...

Beautiful flowers. I think we call them L√łytnants hjerte = lieutenants heart.

Have a great weekend!

Bubblesknits said...

Pretty pictures. :-) I'm trying to figure out which birds frequent our feeder. I think I need to make a trip to the library.

Laura said...

I like the bird pictures especially. The squirrels keep taking our feeders out of commission so we are just enjoying the birds that visit w/o the lure of food...

Grace said...

Beautiful post, bleeding hearts and lots of gorgeous birds!

gaylen said...

Love the bleeding hearts. I love rhubarb, we have 2 plants that will need splitting next year. Have already made one rhubarb crisp this year. g