Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday's visit to the vet went,

well, OK. The actual vet visit and the drive that is. The getting Oribel into her carrier part, not so well. It took ten minutes and a fair amount of flying fur to finally get her into it. (For as much as she likes her kitty treats, they are not to be eaten in a carrier it would seem. Nor is there to be any tricking her.) Next time I might just use Sadie's puppy carrier. Oribel made a little bit of noise at me once I had her in and the door closed, but she was very quite on the drive to the vet. (Not that she is a very talkative cat to start with, but I once had a cat that only made noise in the car or when the electric typewriter was turned on. Other than that, he never talked at all.)
Of course, once she was at the vet and the door to the carrier was opened, she wasn't in any rush to get out.


Once they removed her from the carrier to torment her with scales, clippers, and a blood draw, she tried to make herself small and flat. (I am not sure if the fur she kept leaking during the whole experience was supposed to help make her smaller or something else. This is just a small sampling of what she left on the table. It doesn't include any of the stuff at home, in her carrier, all over me or any of the personnel that got to hold her. I am surprised she has much left, for all that was everywhere else.)


Then she thought about seeing if she could climb part of the exam table to escape all the mistreatment. (For some funny reason that didn't work out very well.)


All in all, she got a clean bill of health, with comments about how tiny she is (a whopping 6.4 pounds), how long and sharp her claws were before their clipping, how beautiful and white her teeth are (no comments on how sharp, because it would seem that she keeps then to herself when away from home). The vet also commented on how beautiful, soft, and thick her fur is (well, it was thicker before we came, I am sure), and she also mentioned how long and amazing her whisker are.
Of course, everyone that saw her, from the check-in folks, the guy that took her picture for her file, the technicians, to the vet, all commented on how absolutely beautiful she is. Yes, she is, when she doesn't have her teeth sunk into your ankle or arm.

Then it was time to put her back into her carrier, which she didn't think was any better of an idea with the vet doing it in an exam room than me doing it at home. (Fortunately, I didn't have to stuff her in there to go home.)
Once she was in there and we were waiting for the results of one last test, she decided to let me know what she thought of this whole process.


But then she must have decided it wasn't such a good idea to not be able to see what I was up to, so she turned back around and went to the back of her carrier, out of my reach.

Apparently all was forgiven when we got home, as she was willing to take a few kitty treats from me and get her ears and chin scratched. (Sadie did find an uneaten kitty treat in the carrier when she came in the house. I guess I was informed of the proper and improper ways to dispense treats.)


Channon said...

With dogs, dropping fur is a sign of stress. Fred would leave rivers of hair at the groomer's and the vet's.

Isn't it funny how beautiful and sweet they are with strangers? It took two of us to administer Gretchen's 1/4 tsp of liquid children's benedryl last night. I hope the children's liquid Zyrtec I bought today tastes better...

Monica said...

Same with chinchillas -- my Chico sheds when he's freaking out.

Oribel certainly is a beautiful girl. I can't believe she's only 6.4 pounds!!

Henry HATES his carrier. He got so scared one time that he peed, so now we hold him, which he likes a lot better.

I love those first two photos where she doesn't want to have anything to do with the camera!

Jayhawk said...

And I thought Molly, at 8.9 pounds, was small. I would say that my cat can beat up your cat except that Molly flees when threatened, well, when approached by birds or squirrels on the other side of the window. She stares at bugs, or comes and gets one of us to do something about this "thing that is moving on the floor," but is a real terrorist when it comes to paper clips, twist ties and rubber bands.

Jayhawk said...

Oh yes, she does attack the cat in the mirror. From across the room. After stalking it for quite some time she takes a running start and crashes into the mirror about two feet above the floor. So maybe she would try to beat up your cat, after all.

StarSpry said...

My cats are the same way when we go to the vet...except once we're at the vet they want to get back into their carriers as soon as possible!

Oribel really is beautiful! I'm glad she got a clean bill of health and forgave you after returning home :)

Bubblesknits said...

Puss freaks about going in her carrier, too. Then she pees and pukes all over herself on the car ride to the vet. We're quite a sight, sitting at red lights with all the windows rolled down, sunroof open, on a 30 degree day, and a howling/retching cat in the backseat. lol

Anita said...

SNOL! That sounds like an EXACT recount of a trip to the vet for Jasmine too! Seems they have even more in common than orange fur... the fight to get into the carrier, excessive shedding, making herself flat (or what she thinks as flat), being super sweet at the vet fooling everyone there with the big eyes & pretty fur... the only difference is that Jazzy cries all the way to the vet & home, & I don't have to fight with her to get in the carrier at the vet, she goes right in. I'm sure they don't believe a word I say about her! LOL