Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This morning at our house

1. Wake up to cat poking me to move over so she can curl up and sleep on the bed. I have no idea what was wrong with the completely empty other side of the bed. Oh, right. She's a cat.
2. Go downstairs to get a cup of coffee, carefully stepping over the cat on the top stair while holding onto the railing. Carefully watching the cat the whole time to make sure I know where she is to keep from being thrown down the stairs unexpectedly.
3. Go upstairs with cup of coffee, watching carefully for cat to appear out of nowhere to attach me and/or my ankle on the stairs.
4. Look in shower for a cat, coasters, and other cat toys.
5. Put drain screen back where it belongs in the shower after it has been used as a cat toy.
6. Turn on water for shower so it can heat up.
7. Recheck shower for cat and coasters.
8. Take shower and notice an orange blob watching me through the shower door. Be glad I have doors on the shower instead of a curtain like the other shower. (People using that shower often have a cat in between the two layers of curtains, "helping," if they forget to remove the cat from the room when checking the shower for the cat.)
9. Climb out of the shower, very carefully stepping over the orange blob on the bath mat. Remember to hold onto something and watch blob for movement while stepping over it.
10. Open contact container while keeping orange blob away.
11. Put in contacts and the orange blob turns into a cat. Keep cat from drinking contact solution in container before I can dump it out.
12. Go downstairs for another cup of coffee, watching the open linen close door for something to jump out at me.
13. Tell the cat that she can't go outside this morning as I need to leave in an hour and I am sure she won't be back by then, no matter how wet and cold it looks to me.

So, how did you start your day?
Can you guess what today is?


Anita said...

SNOL! Do watch out for that orange blob! My orange blob tries to trip me at every available opportunity!

And she has developed an odd behavior... she considers the shower doors as real doors now & paws at them in the middle of the night (they aren't very quiet when pawed upon), like I'm really gonna get up so she can inpect the bathtub at 2am! LOL

momlee said...

So hubband is gone and she wants to be sure you don't get bored. Oh right, she's like that when he's home, too. But you don't get bored, do you?
What a fun description of your morning!

bruce said...

maybe you should call her The Great Pumpkin... a lot of very catty behaviour there, but a very amusing start to the day.

Channon said...

Sissy has a shower fetish too. We have shower doors on both showers at our house, but at the beach, you're on your own, because the girl can headbutt a door open too. In fact, I feel unloved now if I don't have a wet nose on my thigh at least once while showering at the beach, and it's not unusual to have a whole Sissy in the shower with me.

Bubblesknits said...

lol Fluffy sits outside our shower door and cries until I get out. What is with cats and showers??? lol