Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Miss Oribel, Part 2,

You, my dear, are a traitor! Of course, I was pretty sure you would be. You snuggle with the very nice lady at the vet's office and do the mutual neck nuzzling, all the while politely letting the other nice vet tech clip your claws. I am not sure they believed me when I told them that at home you thrash, kick, scratch, and bite. I also told them that you hold a grudge and run up and bite us on the ankle five minutes after you break loose from our attempts to clip your claws. I am sure they were all shaking their head at the crazy lady after we left.
Never fear, you are still my favorite cat around.


Anita said...

SNOL! I wonder why they are so good at the vet's office????

Bubblesknits said...

Heeheehee! I love it. Hmm...let's see. The people at the vet have the sleepy gas, whereupon last smelling it, she woke up without her girly parts. They also have those long, pointy shots for special occasions. Maybe that's why she keeps them on her good side. ;-)

Jayhawk said...

I can barely type, as it's difficult to hit the right keys when you are rolling around on the floor in hysterics.

Molly takes out her revenge by finding and biting the clippers after finishing her treats. She's not all that bright and doesn't seem to connect with the fact that the clippers were in "Mom's" hand when they were doing the "snick, snick" thing.

Judy said...

LOL! She's a funny kitty.

Becky said...

Dear Oribel,

You are doing well in training your humans, too.

Lily, Daisy, and Iris (Becky :) )