Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving day

started with frost on the grass (and most everything else). There was putting dogs out and in (and *out and in,* repeat between *'s as needed throughout the day), feeding of dogs and a cat, making pumpkin pie, washing of dishes, and reading up on some HTML code, and stuff. Well, that was how my day went any how. Hubband did work things; DTE slept, relaxed, and stuff. (Isn't "stuff" a great, all inclusive word?)
In the early afternoon we all bundled up to set out on the annual Thanksgiving expedition with the dogs. Normally we would have loaded up in the truck with the dogs in the back, but since it still has a bunch of wood in it, they had to ride in the back of my car. Sadie loves riding in the truck as it normally means she gets to "sit on the furniture," but three adults and two dogs in the cab of a small sized pick-up just wasn't going to work. Simon doesn't mind the back of my car too much, but Sadie isn't usually impressed with not being able to leave dog hair all over the seat.
She did manage to survive the ordeal, especially with the excitement of the proposed outing.

After we arrived at our destination and got leashes attached appropriately to all involved parties, we set out on our way.

(Of course we followed the directions on the sign; it is not a good idea to let a basset roam free, and never two or more together!)

We saw a lot of things while we were wandering the trail, starting with some berries,
which look much better close up.

There were more signs to pay attention to,


harvested fields,

as well as ones "in process."

We never did see the field being harvested, but we could hear it happening, along with the jingle of the bouncing dog.
We also saw fallen logs and moss,
remanents of Halloween,
frozen creeks,
the last vestiges of a light snowfall and other trail users,
and tree mushrooms. (I am always amazed with these; I don't remember ever seeing them before we moved here. They seem to be all over the place, we even have one growing on a table on our patio.)
We also saw seed pods,
and more seed pods.
Of course there were all kinds of good things to smell on our adventure,
as well as a some of waiting for the rest of the pack to catch up. A great time was had by all, and then we headed home, with a couple of exhausted dogs!

After we got home I put the chicken on to brine, prepped items for cooking, and then put the garlic-rosemary chicken on to roast. Of course when everythig was done, we enjoyed our meal, but most of all we enjoyed each other's company! All in all, we had a low key Thanksgiving, but sometimes those are the best.
(I will give you an update later tonight or tomorrow about how today went. It is a bit of a different story with other characters involved.)


Anita said...

What a lovely day.... thanks for all of the photos, I feel as if I were there with you guys. :)

The pups really look to be enjoying the walk... I bet Oribel was mad that she got left at home.

Bubblesknits said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Ours was busy (our house is the meeting place for family), but everything turned out well. Granted, I've hardly moved today I'm so tired. lol

Channon said...

Yay for basset photos! Bassets walking even... Great photos.

I remember when the boy dogs were young, the Knight would walk them with me. He's MUCH more smitten with his fur-girls; I wonder if I could get him walking again?