Friday, November 7, 2008

Just another day

As I am sure you know by now, Miss Oribel loves to dash into the Great Outdoors any chance she gets. I decided to let her out this morning, but there was no dashing involved. In fact, she had to think about the whole idea for a little bit and look around before venturing out at all.

Once she did finally go out, she stuck to the areas under the eves and bench.

After awhile, she did wander across the deck, but there was a fair amount of leg shaking involved.


Sadie, being the most excellent babysitter/worrier she is, was quite concerned about Oribel being out there too long. She kept going out in efforts of convincing Oribel that she should come in out of the cold, but of course she paid no attention to a silly dog. Then Sadie would get cold and come in, and I would have to listen to her whine and tell me all about the fact that the cat was outside, unattended, and all. I was getting to the point that I wanted Oribel to come in just so Sadie would shut-up be quiet! I am not sure if either one of them would have even gone out if we had had as much snow as they did to the west of us. Sadie may have had more fun though. She could have made tunnels/paths for Oribel! (Not that I would have considered even opening the door for them if the wind was still at gale-force!)

Last weekend Hubband and I went to some friends to get some firewood for the patio. I asked him if he just wanted to leave it in there on a "as needed basis" so that he would have some weight in the truck this winter and it would stay nice and dry. Of course, that would kind of defeat part of the purpose for owning a truck. (Last year we never managed to even get the snow tires on the truck, so were a one-car couple for a fair potion of the winter. It worked then, but won't so much this year.) I guess finding a better spot for this is the next step.

My plans for tomorrow involve going to The Twin Cities to see my friend J from Idaho Falls who is there taking care of grandchildren. She told me the other day that she loves her blue socks and was beginning to worry about wearing them out. I assured her that there was no need to worry, as there can always be more where those came from.
Since tomorrow involves a long drive and iffy weather, today involves going to the local mall to discuss my cell phone with the nice people again. When I decided it was time for our family to have a cell phone plan about six years ago (it involved new teenage drivers, old vans, country/winter roads; aka peace of mind for the mom), we got two brand-new phones to start with. One for me and one for the new driver. Hubband was sceptical at first, but decided within six months or less that life would be easier if he had one too. (Yes, he used to travel without one at all and yes, we are all glad that changed!) Then we got DTY her own when she started driving. Over the years everyone else in the family has had new phones for various reasons, and I have mostly stuck with my original one. At some point I switched to DTE's original phone (which was just like mine and being unused) since mine had been dropped in a parking lot one too many times (thank goodness for transferable SIM cards!). Then I switched to another hand-me-down phone when that one got dropped too many times, which lead to having a flip phone which was a "step-up" as far as my pockets were concerned!
Well, it seems that it may finally be time for me to get my very own brand new phone after all these years. This one has stopped getting a signal at all.


Laura said...

If you have some extra time while you are up here, you can use that fancy new phone to give me a call! I'd love to see you!!

Anita said...

Love the photo with Miss Oribel's prints in the snow. :) You know she stayed outside just to drive the dog nuts right? LOL

Have a good weekend & a safe trip!

Bubblesknits said...

My cats refuse to go outside on the porch if it's below 70. It gets much below 65 in the house and they refuse to get out of a lap. lol

bruce said...

love the kitty tracks... and the snow.

Channon said...

I want snow for my girls. Sissy had a few dustings last winter, but no real snow...

Loved the tracks in the snow!