Sunday, November 23, 2008

A movie that I might consider going to at midnight.

The movie Coraline comes out in February of 2009. I am really looking forward to this one and have no real worries about how it may or may not have been changed from the book. Neil Gaiman is the author and he was heavily involved in the making of the movie, just as he has been with all of his book/movie conversions. On his journal Neil gave all these passwords for the official movie site. Seriously worth checking out (especially if you like looking at really tiny knitting projects used as part of the costumes).

stopmotion : the Biggest Smallest movie ever made.

buttoneyes : Meet the cast...

moustachio : Bo Henry, art director of Coraline, shows off his remarkable moustache tricks.

armpithair : Every hair in the film was placed there by hand...

puppetlove : Director Henry Selick explains what it must be like for the puppets in the film.

sweaterxxs : Micro-knitting. That's right: micro-knitting.

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