Sunday, November 23, 2008

People often want to know, "Does he travel a lot?"

It depends on what one means by "a lot." It has been known to come and go like waves. (Or something, maybe not waves. I guess I haven't spent enough time at a beach to say for sure.) Basically he has always had to travel some since, well, since I've known him it would seem, but at least always since we have been married. It used to be more than it is right now, and it may pick up again in the future. We never really know.
However, all that said, a while back it looked like Hubband was going to be going to Geneva, and then not, but maybe to Palo Alto instead. Now it looks like he won't be going anywhere for a while. This means he will be home for the annual Singed Cat celebration after all! (Yes, there have been years that he has had to be gone for it, or other family members' celebrations. It really is OK when it happens, and we are all OK with it.)

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Channon said...

It's all in what you're used to. My father was "on the road" most of my childhood. I used to work 24-hour shifts AND jet around attending and speaking at conferences. The Knight and I have a schedule of meetings and his duty crews that don't find us sitting in front of the TV together too often, but it's what works for us.

Luckily, there are families like ours. We make the world go 'round, even if it does seem different and like it might be a hardship to others.

Psssssssst... Wanna' know a secret? I miss Thanksgiving at the firehouse with about 40 fire, rescue and medflighters packed into fire Headquarters. I don't miss working Christmas or even Christmas Eve, but I did kinda' like the greater community thing for Thanksgiving.