Saturday, November 29, 2008

(Black) Friday

Our day-after-Thanksgiving started out without much fanfare. There was a little bit of yarn purchased, with some encouragement from Hubband. (Something about the money I had earned being an poll worker.) There was general hanging out, relaxing, and stuff (well, I think Hubband may have been catching up on some work). Of course there was some of the *let the dog(s) out, let the dog(s) in* stuff, as well as rescuing small stuffed animals that Oribel had stolen from DTE's room and left about the stairs, hall, etc. Fortunately none of them landed in the dogs' water dish.

I also did a bit of research on Friday to be able to answer a question DTE had for me. For some reason she was wondering what I might like for my birthday and/or Christmas. I told her that I had read about a new spiral kneeding hook KitchenAid had come out with. I thought it would be helpful to her if I did a bit of research to figure out where she could find one, and in the process figured out that it wouldn't work on my model. Oh well, it was an idea. (I did wind up ordering a new bowl for my food processor though. It is about time; it has been cracked for over a year. It isn't very useful when any and all liquids leak out as soon as they are put in, and flour, etc. flies out the crack whenever it was turned on.)
For the most part it was looking like it was going to continue to be a laid-back, easy day, not needing to go anywhere if we didn't want to (well, except to get milk, but most of the time I get that at the gas station). All of those illusions came to a screeching halt when DTE came down to the kitchen to tell me what my “evil cat” had done. It would seem that Oribel had been hanging out mostly behaving herself, when she was struck with an urge to do one of her favorite things. (Of which she has several, as you may have noticed by now.) She decided that she hadn't done anything exciting with her teeth for awhile and needed to bite something. It just so happened that the “something” was DTE's computer power cord! Fortunately she bit the side that goes from the converter to the computer (vs. the side that goes from the wall-outlet to the converter) as she had bitten through enough to break at least one wire, causing a short! DTE and Hubband did a bit of work on it and have come to the conclusion that it cannot be fixed and is definitely toast. Well, better it than Oribel, but DTE still isn't too happy about it! Neither am I, as I can't really send the girl back to school tomorrow without a power cord to her computer. Fortunately one of the “extra” ones Hubband has here will work and we will be able to acquire another one for him. Have I ever mentioned that Oribel is a bit of a trouble maker?
The rest of the day was rather uneventful, after DTE and I got home from the milk run, we made three pans of Lasagna, one for dinner and two for the freezer, for her to take back to school. Food for crunch/finials week so that she doesn't have to spend time cooking.
So there you have it, somewhat of a rundown of our “Black Friday.” (With no thanks to the cat!)


Channon said...

The Knight loves KitchenAide accessories. I wonder if the spiral dough hook will fit mine (not knowing what model it is, as I type without coffee or breakfast)?

Gretchen has a thing for cords too. I worry. Right now the biggest problem is that IF the Page shows up, he can't use his PS2.

Stay tuned for Sissy and the rolls. It's not a particularly happy story, but our pets teach us that anything that can be fixed isn't really a problem, right?

momlee said...

There once was a very nice freezer acquired very reasonably because it had quit working and the previous owners had gotten a new one, only to find, when they went to move it out, that it was not working because it was no longer connected to the power source. Seems there was a rabbit who thought electric cords were very tasty. Lethal, too, I think.

Anita said...

Ack! I'm glad that she didn't fry herself chewing on that cord!!! Bad Oribel! LOL