Friday, November 21, 2008

My weekend plans

are about to start. Well, I guess they started this morning around 7:30 when Hubband kissed me good-bye for the weekend. He is off to Boston for a seminar/conference and will be home on the last plane from Chicago on Sunday night. Well, given that AA and the weather co-operates; so far it looks good on the weather front.
Anyway, the rest of my weekend will be starting with making four pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving Dinner at church tomorrow night, calling the vet to schedule Miss Oribel's annual check-up/one-year-old shots/claw trim, packing up a few things in some boxes, stopping by the post office, and then helping decorate the parish hall for said dinner. Then it is out to dinner with at least one of my co-committee members as her husband is in El Salvador for the week on a medical mission trip (there may be other that join us).
Tomorrow I will be up early to roast my turkey (fortunately I am only responsible for one of the five to be served), then it will be back to church to make the rest of dinner and finish getting ready for every one's arrival at six. After the clean-up is all done it will be home to collapse after tending to the dogs.
Sunday I will be up early (again) to be back at church to project at the first service. (I do get to knit during Adult Ed though! Yeah that!) After that I have an errand to run and home again. Then I will get to curl up on the couch, knit and listen to my favorite Sunday afternoon NPR program, moving only when absolutely needed.
I would consider going to see a movie this weekend, but I just can't see having the time (or the energy when the time rolls around). Besides, I am not sure I want to see it by myself. Maybe next weekend I could sweet talk bribe DTE into going with me (food she doesn't have to cook for herself may wind up going a long way). She hasn't read the book yet, as far as I know, but maybe she'll want to over her winter break. (Which would be kind of cool as then we could talk about it and the pros/cons of the movie together.)
Well, I had best be off to bake.....
What are you doing this weekend?


Channon said...

I want to fly up and go see Twilight with you.


momlee said...

Nothing - I'm too tired from reading your schedule. Well, really, knitting, maybe sewing, and getting ready for a trip to LA.

Bubblesknits said...

Uh...I was going to clean out our garden, but after reading your post I feel like a slacker. LOL

I'd like to see "the movie", too, but I'm almost afraid it will ruin the books for me. Kind of like "Interview With A Vampire"? Didn't quite live up to the books for me. Meh. Maybe I'm too picky.