Sunday, December 16, 2007

Things we have learned recently

1. The people have stopped keeping stuff on their headboard.
2. Kittens can outlast (three) people at fetch.
3. Someone is big enough to jump straight to the kitchen counter from the floor.
4. Someone still doesn't like being squirted with water.

5. The very best tasting water is the stuff you get to have a fight with as it comes out of the faucet.
6. Someone doesn't care if her feet and face are soaking wet.

7. It is possible to push Sadie too far after all. Especially if you jump down on her from the stair above one to many times when she really wants to be sleeping. Who knew she would actually bark at you? She puts up with having her ears and nose played with after all.

8. Birds are much better when you are on the same side of the door they are. Even when the people are laughing at you for shivering and you get snowballs stuck to your tummy.
9. Birds being fed on the deck is way better than birds fed out in the yard.

10. If you drop a pony bead in Sadie's food dish, it sounds different than when you drop it on the tile floor. When you keep dropping in her food dish, it makes people look.
11. Dogs don't care how many coasters get dropped in the water dish. They will drink out of it anyway.

12. The garage is a good place to explore, even if it is cold and your feet get salty.
13. The big garage door for the car is loud, scary and worth running inside over.
14. Someone isn't big enough to jump from the floor straight to the top of the speaker. However, if her claws haven't been trimmed recently, she can climb the rest of the way up the front of it.
15. Someone is big enough to jump from the fireplace hearth to the speaker top.
16. Someone is big enough to jump from the top of the speaker to the fireplace mantle.
17. The humans get really upset and make a bunch of noise when someone knocks the painting off of the mantle onto the floor. Someone is lucky that is all she knocked down.
18. The top of the speaker is a good place to store the squirt bottle.


Judy said...

Oh my....Someone is testing her limits, isn't she?

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL The joys of having a kitten in the house.

momlee said...

Sounds to me like she is pushing the limits - but then she is a cat AND approaching adolescence. Wish I could be there to watch (and join the fetch game).