Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am still knitting, see?

Just in a case anyone out there has been wondering about knitting and what I may (or may not) have been getting off the needles, here is a quick run-down. Fell free to skip over this post all together if discussions and pictures of knitting makes your eyes glaze over.
First off I will cover Ravelympics, which has been over for so long. In addition to the stuff I showed you in August, I finished one of the three socks I had in the queue
(not for me, if you want to know more about these, keep reading).

I also made four more dishcloths (for a total of six out of the eleven I had for some DA reason thought I might get done).


I worked on the Lost and Found socks a bit, as well as the second Dr. Who scarf, but didn't finish either of them. Which is OK, 'cause at least I picked them up and made progress, which was my goal for them.
As well as the missing dishcloths, I didn't get the pair of Fetchings made for DTY, but that had mostly to do with not finding the yarn she wanted for them. I have since found it and am thinking about working on them in Idaho next week. The WIP hat I had planned to do for Ravelympics, but didn't finish in time due to problems with the right size/length of needles.

All in all, I got a ton bunch of medals for several different events. Just for the record, any one item can be entered into more than one event, except for WIPs, so I got more medals than actual number of items over the finish line. All medals are icons, which of course I can add to my sidebar, but since I could order a Ravelympics 2008 pin, I did.

Since the Olympics were over I got the needed needles and finished the hat in early September,

as well as the above pair of socks for DTE.

I also have made DTY's planned Banana Slug socks; done enough to check the fit before she left, but the pair wasn't done until about a week later.

I have plenty of yarn left to make her more slugs to leave about campus if she wants to.

A lunch bag was made for Hubband, that I managed to over-felt, making it a bit too small, so I will be making him another one. Which brings us to something I mentioned a while back, Hubband is no longer working at home every day. This summer he left the company he was working for and is now working for the Mayo Clinic again. Yes, this is a good thing and he is very happy to be working with his (great) group again. Well, except for the not having me fix lunch for him every day thing.

There has also been a pair of socks made for my friend in Idaho Falls. I love this yarn (yes, it is the same yarn I have used before) and especially these colors. Good thing I have a couple more skeins to make more socks to match my jeans. I have also made (or am working on) several gifts (that I'm not going to post here just yet), dishcloths, and more wee tiny socks. So there you go, just in case any one was wondering if I was still knitting.


momlee said...

I seriously doubt anyone wondered IF you were knitting (that being a given), but it's nice to see WHAT you are knitting. I am impressed - I especially like DTE's socks.

Anita said...

You have been knitting! Quite a bit of it too!! Love the socks!! And everything else. It amazes me that people can get so many projects done in such a short time.... I must be a slow knitter. :) Nah, more likely I have knitters ADD & can't concentrate on one project long enough to get it completed! he he

Bubblesknits said...

Wow. You've been busy! :-) Those socks are gorgeous. I love the cuff on them.

Channon said...

Love the rose and tan socks. What yarn? What pattern? (Oh yeah. We have a website for that...)

I honestly didn't know one project could be entered in more than one event. Oh well. Next time...