Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I know it is cold outside, but this is ridiculous!

We have had turkeys wandering about in our yard for, well, several years, but here is what they looked like this past September gathered around eating.
Drinking out of the bird bath. (I am sure we will have pictures next spring of more baby turkeys. Just can't find any pictures from this past spring when they were cute little fluff balls.)

Here they are, wandering about in the snowy yard.
Yep, they are pretty much here year round.

This is a slightly more recent view from Hubband's "office" window. They definitely seem to be moving in closer.
DTY says we wouldn't have this problem if we hadn't moved the bird feeder up here. She may have a valid point.

However, if they start knocking to come in out of the cold, I might actually let the dogs out! (Yeah, I am seriously thinking about turning the bird bath into a turkey feeder, out in the yard, for the winter!)
(Oh, BTW- Bloggger fixed their problem and we are back to the proper way of "click on the picture to see it bigger.")


momlee said...

What does Oribel think of the turkeys?
Looks like we may have pics of ice luminarios soon, maybe with turkey feathers in the ice?

Laura said...

Volunteers for Christmas dinner? :)

Judy said...

I was going to say something about luminario manufacture, but momlee beat me too it. Then I was going to say something about tasty turkey dinner, but Laura beat me to that. At least you have BIRDS glomming down all your goodies at the feeder. Right now a tiny little herd of squirrels came charging down the hill. They take turns fighting and making death-defying leaps from the birch tree to the feeder (they've already demolished all the suet they can get to easily). (sigh)

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL at Laura's comment!