Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ice Luminaries in action

This is one of the first luminaries I froze, but then I spaced out and set it on the front porch, which is south facing, so it had sun shining on it for several hours. It did this interesting craze as it melted, even though the air temperature stayed below freezing all day.


I made several more after that and they were pretty decent since the temperature had stayed around zero to ten degrees for almost a week. I thought I was on a roll for having a bunch for Christmas Eve and night. No such luck. The temperature warmed up to the mid-thirties for the several days and I pretty much lost all of the ones I had made already.

I persisted as the temperature went back down in time and made some more. I was able to still have some out and ready to go before dark on Christmas day.


So by dark when we were having dinner with our friend it was all shiny!



momlee said...

What a lovely sight!

Bubblesknits said...

Those are gorgeous! I wish our temperatures stayed cold enough to do something like that. :-)

Cass said...

Oh they're gorgeous!!! It's in the 50's here. I love the crazing in the ice.