Monday, December 3, 2007

How does your cat wake you up?

So, for the second or third morning in a row, Miss Orebel has decided she doesn't like stuff on our headboard. Either that or she thinks this is a good way to wake us up in the morning. She has taken to walking the length of the headboard, stopping to look at stuff as she goes. Picture of DTE, "Whack," onto the floor it goes. Step, step, picture of DTY, "Whack," onto the floor it goes. Step, step, box of Kleenex, "Whack," onto the floor it goes, "Oh, wait, it ran into the wall. Whack, onto the bed it goes then." Step, step, "Oh, a lamp!" Scoop, and out the door the cat goes. If she had chosen this behavior at something later than 5:30 or so on Sunday morning it might not have been so bad.
Today it was started at the other end, skipping the lamp, knocking something else off onto the floor, walking through the box of Kleenex and taking a bit to get unstuck. Then it was on to the picture of DTY and the floor, but DTE's picture got whacked onto my head, then carried quickly to the floor to play with under the bed. After that it was onto the dresser-top to play with my bracelets and I just knew the earrings were next. So it was, "Scoop, and out the door the cat goes." Of course, then she tried to did her way back in and cried and cried outside the door. Today she waited until 6 am. After Hubband got up and fed her breakfast she was all sweet and cuddly-sleepy next to me again. Silly kitten.


Judy said...

She's practicing her birthday greetings? doesn't want you to miss a minute? Tuesday, right?

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Yeah. No, I think she is wanting her breakfast.

Bubblesknits said...

Definitely sounds like she's wanting her breakfast. LOL Maggie will start nibbling on anything that's outside of the covers until I get up and feed her.