Friday, July 20, 2007

The wonderful things Sandy sent for HSKS2

I got my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 2 from Sandy on Tuesday. There is a wonderful blue and silver felted bag, some Knitty patterns, chocolates, a second zipper bag, a candle, an owl charm,needles, TWO sets of stitch markers, and two skeins of super wash Merino dyed special for me by Sandy! I like how she used both the blue/silver and the blue/bronze options for the colors. One of the stitch markers is missing because DTE wanted to put it on her cell phone. Now, since I am guessing that most of the folks reading this don't actually know her, you don't realize how funny this is. She is not the type to put things on stuff, or decorate her cell phone. Her key ring has exactly one key on it, the one to the car she drives. When she uses my car, she takes just the key off, no door opening fobs for her. She isn't that crazy about cell phones either; as in before she left for college I don't think she had ever used more than TEN minutes in one month. When DTY started driving, DTE tried to give her phone away to her little sister; "It isn't my phone, it belongs to the car!" Being away at school has changed some of that, but I have noticed she hasn't used it much all summer while she has been home. Oh, when her phone broke in April and she needed a new one, she was pretty upset that she was going to have to have one with a camera. "Phones aren't cameras! Cameras aren't phones! Can't I just have a basic phone that makes calls and doesn't do a bunch of extra stuff?" I think the answer wound up being no, they don't really seem to come that way much any more. I guess she is kind of like her mom, I still have the same phone I started with when we got the family plan about five years ago.

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