Sunday, July 29, 2007

All those swaps update

I got my Dog Day's package in the mail from Sunny in Alaska the other day. She sent an awesome dishcloth, a pattern that I am excited to try with the bamboo yarn she sent, as well as Alaskan Snow soap, and other goodies. I will have a picture of all of it soon. (Hubband and DTY get home tonight or tomorrow, as does the camera, if DTE's wont cooperate for me today.)

Megan has received her Dog Day's box from me and has posted about it. I will give you a picture of the dishcloths by themselves. See, those Ball Bands just suck you right in. Just wait until you all see what I am doing with them next!

Mary received her HSKS2 and you can see all the goodies. Here is a picture of just the bag I sent. I used the Picket Fence" sock pattern that I sent her for the silver part of the bag, but kind of made the actual bag design up as I went along. I lined the whole thing with some silver lame I had left over from something for one of the kids from some time back.

Kathleen got her notions bag, but since she doesn't have a blog, she has asked me to post these for you all to see what else I sent besides the bag you have already gotten to look at.

There is a puzzle for her son, some biscotti and recipe for more, and postcards and a couple of magnets from where I live. The significance of the corn cob "thing" is that it is a water tower for the Seneca/Libby's vegetable canning facility here in town. It is a famous local landmark.


Guinifer said...

Hey Barbra - I just wanted to let you know I am mailing your Notions Exchange Bag package today!!

knitphomaniac said...

those look great :)

Diane said...

I'm so glad that the package made it! I hope you enjoy the coffee from our local folks!!!

Have a great day!