Tuesday, December 23, 2008

See? Finished knitting!

These are Hubband's Christmas socks, though he got them before Christmas. It is kind of hard to make sure socks for him fit without trying them on him several times during the making. Unfortunately, even if I had sock blockers it wouldn't help. Now, if I had a plaster cast of his foot and leg, I could make him surprise socks. Of course, I have only seen kits to make casts of tiny baby feet, so I guess I would need a bunch of kits.

I finished these a week ago and Hubband has worn them, but the two of us haven't been able to coordinate getting pictures of him wearing them, so DTE is kindly being my foot model tonight (thus the “these socks are too big for these feet” look).


Channon said...

Purdy! I've decided I'm knitting me some Christmas socks for next year...

Merry Christmas!

Bubblesknits said...

I love them! Perfect for this time of year. :-) Have a great Christmas!

Anita said...

The socks are great!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

B.J. said...

Just a thought. I remember that you could make a mannequin of your torso. Maybe that would work - together with plaster to make a "dummy leg" for your husband?

The idea was to wrap broad tape around the body (which had an old t-shirt on). When all the masking was done, you just cut open the tape and t-shirt. Afterwards you added a bit of padding to mannequin with "papertape" (of some kind).

I thought that you might be able to make a cast of a foot by:
1) Removing hair from the foot and leg.
2) Greasing it with some kind of greasy substance.
3) Wearing a pantyhose (no holes). And making sure the grease is a bit on the outside, too.
4) Making a cast of the outside (by using tape, for instance).
5) Cutting open the "cast".
6) Taping it back together.
7) Filling the cast with plaster and letting it set.

It would be a somewhat heavy foot/leg that would be molded by this, but it might just work.
Check out how to mold other things (children's feet, pregnant stomachs, etc.). I am sure it would be possible.