Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wow! This doesn't happen very often!

On a recent drive to or from the airport, Hubband asked me, "One or both of the girls will be home in mid-June, won't they?"
"Well, yeah, they will. Why?"
Well, I have a conference in Washington, DC, that starts on the twenty-third of June and could leave a few days early if there was some one home for the dogs and cat."
"Are you inviting me to go with you for our anniversary?"
"Sure, if you want to go."
Silly man! Of course I want to go on a vacation with him! For ticket arrangements he needed to know when I wanted to come home. So of course I asked how long he needed to stay and it turns out he is coming back on the twenty-fifth. Apparently he was worried that I might be bored while he was in his meetings. Right. If I get bored in Washington, DC, that is my own darn fault! (Anybody have any suggestions of yarn shops I should check out while I am on my own?)


momlee said...

If you get bored in Washington DC I will disown you - but I'm not worried! I personally could spend at least 2 weeks in the Smithsonians, not to mention Arlington and ...............
Sorry I don't know any yarn shops. Maybe your cousin's wife knits and would know.
It sounds like a WONDERFUL way to celebrate an anniversary - have a great time!!!!!

Bubblesknits said...

To heck with the yarn shops...I'd never leave The Smithsonian. :-)

Jayhawk said...

For me the hilite was the FDR Memorial. Waterfalls, words carved in stone, pictures... Each of his terms is memorialized in a great outdoor "room" with its own waterfalls, and the fourth one ("I hate war.") is breathtaking.

The new American Indian Museum is also not to be missed.