Friday, June 6, 2008

Stuff is growing around here

It has rained a lot around here lately, so the yard and trees have finally greened up. It has not been very warm for the most part, but the grass keeps growing.
DTY has cut it twice since she got home and Hubband had done it once before he left. How it can grow so fast when it hasn't gotten above fifty or fifty-five degrees for so many days in a row is beyond me. Today it is up to 69° and isn't too humid. Which is fine by me, considering all the rain we have had lately. (The right side is inches, the left is cm, and this is really only "a drop in the bucket" of what we have had in the last two weeks.)

A couple of days ago the side of the deck grew some lattice, which at some point will have climbing plants on it, mostly annuals, but we are going to put some grapes there as well and see how they fair over winter.

Yesterday the lawn sprouted sticks and string. I do believe it will be losing some stuff before it grows anything else new. I'll keep you posted on what the lawn decides to do next.

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