Sunday, June 15, 2008

Washington DC cancelled.

Well, not exactly. Washington DC is still there, and will be for some time I imagine. The cancelled part is us, we won't be there this coming weekend. Hubband's business there has been cancelled, thus, so has our trip. We will be missing this, which obviously happens only once a year; we had been planning to look at monuments again at the National Mall while enjoying our BBQ. Just 'cause they are all too cool to pass up. I had also been looking forward to hanging out at Kramer's (which Hubband had never been in or heard of until I took him there, despite the several times he had been to DC before that), and finding something to eat while looking at books. I had also planned on hanging out at this uber-cool train station. I always love spending time there, rather than just passing trough in a hurry (several times a day). We had also planned on seeing the NMAI. It was still being built the last time I was in DC, when we took the girls five or six summers ago. We had also talked about possibly spending a day at the National Zoo, since neither one of us has been there at all.
Other things in DC that are "must see places" (but we have been to them so they were not on the top of our list for this trip)in my opinion include the US Holocaust Museum, the Washington National Cathedral (they have Darth Vader and moon rocks), and the International Spy Museum (great fun). Of course riding the metro about is mandatory, it is just the most sensible way to get about and it can be a lot of fun. Plus the fact that you can keep yourself busy looking for other knitters while you work on socks riding around. I had planned on making Hubband's socks on the trip as it seemed most fitting.
We are still going to go somewhere for a night or two, since we have arranged for a pet sitter and all. We just haven't really figured out where and what yet. We only found out the change in plans a couple of days ago. I know that Hubband will have another trip to DC before the year is over (and maybe more than one), just not sure when and if either of the girl people will be around to take care of the pets. Here's hoping for when the time comes!


Jayhawk said...

Well, that is a bummer. You could also have looked up your cousin, whose new apartment overlooks the Washington Monument.

Laura said...

Well, shoot. Maybe you should still go? (Although you'd have to spend all your time with each other!)

Anonymous said...

Shucks! I agree with Laura. You schould still go.