Sunday, June 15, 2008

More brick information

After showing you pictures of our bricks yesterday, and promising to tell you all what we are building (here), I realized that some of you out there that actually read this blog, may not read it on the weekend. So..... I am going to give you some pictures and some of what we are doing to the bricks, and will do the "reveal post" on Monday afternoon, just in case anyone want to guess. (Not that there I have any prizes associated with this, but you do get some self-satisfaction if you guess correctly.)

There is cutting of the bricks involved at this point of the project. Hubband did straight cuts with a chisel, but DTY is running the saw for the angle cuts.

(Have I ever mentioned that she kind of likes power tools?)


Laura said...

A patio?

Jayhawk said...

Concrete pavers, no less. I'm impressed.

Bubblesknits said...

Go DTY!!! I like power tools too, but no one ever lets me around them. I haven't the foggiest notion's not like I'm clumsy or anything. heh.