Thursday, March 26, 2009

No, this isn't marshmallows,

it is Bassets on Thursday. (Opposed to Dogs on Thursday, which you might remember that I have stated before I am just not sure my dogs are exciting enough to make it worth signing up for. I am sure a moderator will weigh in on that subject.) Anyhow, this post is about the dogs, as it were.
One night a couple of weeks ago a rather unusual thing had happened; Sadie went to bed without me! Really, this is not normal behavior for her. Simon will always go to bed when Hubband does, but Sadie usually hangs out on the stair landing if I am in the kitchen, or in the family room with me until I head upstairs. Sometimes she decides she want to go to bed and will fuss and whine at me to finish what I am doing and go to bed, just so she can!
Anyway, this was what I saw when I went in the bedroom. Sadie, all tucked in and fast asleep, without me having to tell her it was time to wake up to go to bed.

Of course Simon had gone to bed as well, but that was a given, since Hubband was fast asleep and didn't notice the flash going off near him. (Actually, the dogs were oblivious to it as well. And while we are speaking parenthetically, please ignore the dried slobber on Simon.)

Do you see this beautiful ear? There is a sad tale about this ear, and the other one. They used to let him know when our car or truck was coming down the road when he was outside (he could tell the difference between them based on sound), told him when the garage door opened and someone was home, or when food was falling into their dishes, even when he was fast asleep. Now these ears have failed him terribly. He can't hear the doorbell to let him know the mailman has come to visit, he can't hear us call him to dinner or inside the house, the garage open or Hubband's voice when he comes home, he can't hear any of us walk up to him, so is always startled when we reach out gently to wake him up for something or someone walks up behind him. It is rather sad for him, and it means we need to be extra careful that he doesn't get loose since he would never hear us calling him or a car coming.
There is one upside though. He has always hated baths and went to great lengths to avoid going near the bathroom or coming back inside when he heard the bathtub running. A week ago the weather was warm enough for the dogs to get baths and Simon didn't hear a thing and Hubband was able to run the water and lead him right into the bathroom before he realized what was happening.
Unfortunately, the route to the vet's office is not based on sound. I need to take both of those Sleeping Cuties to get their claws clipped and there is only one thing in life Simon hates more than a bath, and that is to have his feet touched/claws clipped. He hates it enough to make a huge fuss, whining and howling about it. In fact, when I call to make the appointment, the receptionist often says something about they will prepare themselves and make sure the techs doing his have their ear plugs handy.


Channon said...

Hem, hem. Of course I'll weigh in and note that DoT was founded by a basset and her owner, so we'll NEVER have enough bassets in the DoT family. Isn't just being a basset interesting?

Poor Simon. It does my heart good to know that he has you to lead him so gently through his deafness.

I remember the first time Mugsy ever went to bed without me. He was very, very young, actually, but for the rest of his life, he just plopped down next to me and napped until I went to bed.

I love the dried slobber on Simon, and he does have beautiful ears...

bruce said...

Poor doggie.. I have to say he has been and will be very well cared for.

Anita said...

Sadie & Simon are so sweet all tucked in for bed. :) Poor Simon, good thing he is loved so much by you & your family....

Bubblesknits said...

Awww...such sweet pictures. Thanks for being a good mommy to Simon (and the rest of your beasties). :-)