Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I really am here,

but I have to admit I have been rather distracted by knitting lately.
I finished a scarf recently,


and a hat. I finished the hat just before I went to (briefly) visit DTE and see the play she was running sound for. I did consider the possibility the hat would migrate north, as hats are known to do; the color and yarn were perfect for up north, but it got to come back home with me. I think it might have been a tough call, but she has "no need for a hat with a hole in the back of it," (of course, I do have such a need). I think if I were to find more of said yarn and make one without a hole, it would be well loved and taken care of up north.

I have also been working on another pair of socks, and as you can see, I had help getting a picture of its humble beginnings.

I also did a bit of experimental cooking, special for Hubband, because he never got to get his favorite breakfast, a Mighty Meal Wheel, while he was in Salt Lake City recently. (He had planned on getting one, or several, and seeing our good friends, the owners, but.....) He said mine was pretty darn close, but I think he may have been being nice (besides just taking pictures), or maybe he has forgotten since he hasn't had one of theirs in so long. (We did both agree that I/we need to cut them a bit thinner next time.)


Now, if you would please excuse me, I have some very important reading to go do and then I have a sock calling my name.


Anonymous said...

YUM!!!!! That breakfast looks incredible.

What yarn did you make the hat out of? Maybe some of us have it in out stash?????

I can't wait to see more of your sock...the pattern is a bit of a MYSTERY to me at the moment!


Have a great week!

Whoduknit Swap Pal.

~Still trying to be sneaky!~

Bubblesknits said...

Is that a harp in the background? I had one for a while, but I never could get the hang of it. I guess so many years of playing one note at a time on the flute ruined me. lol

I like that hat. I need one for ponytails, too. :-)

Give Miss Oribel some scritches for me.

Channon said...

That looks like a yummy breakfast, and if I still had a ponytail, I'd like a hat like that.

bruce said...

any chance of a recipe or how-to forthcoming on that meal-wheel?
It looks really good, I'd like to try it.

Anonymous said...

decades ago in New Jersey I met Stromboli (I think that's how it's spelled) which is salami and swiss - or some such - rolled up inside bread dough. yum. Eat it like a sub or slice it and be "civilized".

Betty in Texas