Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometime you follow through, sometimes you forget.

Sometime ago I wrote a note to myself and others about cupboard doors in the house. (If you haven't read that, or don't remember it, you should go read it before continuing with this post. It will make a lot more sense. Come back here when you're done, we'll still be around I promise, and I'll even wait patiently.

See, still here and now you have lots of context for the rest of what I have to say about Oribel today. At that time she was just big enough to climb onto the lower shelf of the dish cupboard and put herself all over the plates and bowls.

Well, now she has grown enough to go directly for the glasses and coffee cups when we neglect to remember to close the door. (There is a chance that if I had put away clean dishes, she never would have fit. Of course, there is also the chance she just would have moved them to the floor to get where she thought she should be.)

I am hoping we can work on follow through of keeping the door closed. She has figured out how to climb from a lower shelf to a higher one when it comes to "her" (read that as "all") bookshelves in the house and I am not real crazy about that look she is giving the next shelf up.
She couldn't seem to figure out why we would have this icky shelf liner on her otherwise comfy spot.

Or why I had issues with Hubband having left the door open in the first place. He was just being helpful to her exploring more of her possession, after all.

I think he mostly thought she was kind of entertaining in there, especially the look she gave us after we reopened the door he closed on her.

Not that she cared if the door was closed with her inside! (I obviously also thought she was entertaining enough to take pictures before removing her.)

A few days later I came into the kitchen to find the cupboard with the dishtowels wide open. Guess who I found in there? That one I am pretty sure she opened on her own as it is floor level and she spends a lot of her time working on getting all of our lower cupboards open. I think she might be having Sadie teach her how to open zippers so they can get into my knitting together.

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Monica said...

What a sweetie Oribel! She looks so innocent! "What mommy? Daddy lets me do this!"

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Hmmmm.....wonder if she is trying to tell you she prefers her drink in a mug instead of a bowl? LOL!!

Such innocence they can pull off!! LOL!!

Anita said...

Thanks for the laugh! That was entirely too funny! :)

I swear she is grinning in that photo where she is peaking around the door! That cat is a comedian & knows it! LOL

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL! I love the 5th picture down. :-)

bruce said...

what a cat! I'll bet that Oribel & Sadie are collaborating on any number of stuff.

Channon said...

Cute trumps bad every time. That's what Sissy's taught me...

Jayhawk said...

Entirely too cute. You cannot put estoppels on the doors and miss that.

Molly opens cupboard doors, but seldom gets in the cupboards. She's mostly just looking for toilet paper to attack.