Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Finished Object(s)!

I have finally finished these socks, which makes me very happy, as I wanted to have them done before tomorrow morning. I had finished the first one awhile back and started the second, but it had been set aside to finish a few things, including the baby blanket, Hubband's socks, and such. Unfortunately, it is eleven at night and not the most conducive for pictures. I will get some FO photos up tomorrow for you.
I can give you some "not quite finished; 'Houston, we have a problem'" photos though. Do you see that yarn tail, coming off of the unfinished sock?

It is supposed to be attached to this ball of yarn.

This is how close to the end of the sock I was this morning when we had our problem. Want to make a guess what the problem was? Someone jumped up onto the bed where I was knitting, grabbed the ball of yarn, jumped down, and ran off into the hall before I could do much more than say, "Hey!" She then proceeded to bite the yarn in half while I was coming to retrieve it. Oh well, better than what Sadie did to the very first pair of socks I made. She climbed onto the middle of the bed, got the sock, pulled it off of two of the (four) needles, pulled out some stitches, and chewed on two needles, breaking one of them in half. Lucky for her, she got to live after that.

Not to worry, Someone lived through today's episode as well. Don't let her fool you though, she isn't as sweet and innocent as she looks. Have I ever mentioned that she gives life to the expression "Ankle Biter"?


Anita said...

Awww... sweet Oribel would never do such a thing! SNOL!!!

How are all those Ravelympics projects coming today? :)

Bubblesknits said...

I think that was her way of telling you "enough with the knitting stuff, pay attention to ME!". LOL

momlee said...

But she's so pretty, and looks really innocent, like she never heard of yarn or socks. Oh yes - she's a cat. Just think what would have happened if you had been knitting when David was around. LOL

momlee said...

Oh yes - those socks are gorgeous!!! Of course, it helps that they are purple.

Arthur said...

As I have said for years: nothing looks as innocent as a guilty cat!

bruce said...

yes, innocence personified, thy name is cat. Or more often, kitten. Mrs. Mabutas (Donna's mother) says Oribel is very "pilya" (naughty) and beautiful.