Saturday, August 9, 2008

First item done!

This is the first of my many dishcloths for Ravelympics. The image of the two hearts at the top, intertwined wedding rings, and the one heart at the bottom doesn't show up really well in real life either, but I am going to see if bright morning sunlight would give me a better picture. During the ceremonies tonight, I ripped back the part of the WIP hat that had a mistake in it, worked on the Dr. Who scarf, and then once the Parade of Nations started and I felt like I could read charts and watch TV at the same time, I started another dishcloth. I am about halfway done with it, but have just about decided there is a mistake in the pattern. So I decided I would look at it again tomorrow to work out the fixing, when I have a bit of sleep in me. (Yes, I watched broadcast TV. Yes, it may well have been the first time since the Super Bowl. Yes, I will be watching more in the next couple of weeks. See, we do need to get one of those converter boxes for our very old TV; it does get turned on occasionally.)

Here are the finished socks, started way back when. Again, the light tonight was leaving a bit to be desired, but I think you can tell that this is indeed a finished pair of socks. It is just a bit hard to see the lace-pattern-thing going on.

However, I think you can see the cool wrapped stitches here. I wasn't too sure about them at first, and am not sure I would put them all the way around the cuff again, but I do like how they turned out. Jessi, I promise they didn't turn out to be as hard to do as we thought and I think you would like them. I promise, they grow on you after awhile.

Other general updates/answers to questions. Yes the birds do come to the feeder above Oribel's head while she is hanging out under it. No, I have never seen them in the birdbath while she is under/next to that. Tonight a bird was very daring and was in the ground feeder for quite awhile with her just across the gravel area. I am not so sure that the rabbits are daring, but I do think they know the strength of their back legs. Seriously, if she tried to take on one of those rabbits, I think I would be making an emergency vet run. I've been kicked and bit by rabbits plenty in my life and I am fairly certain they are stronger than she is. I think they know it too and just enjoy torturing her. Plus they would probably leave her covered with fleas and she would bring those into the house. (Wonder if I could get someone to come help me flea bomb the house if she catches one?)
Tomorrow is the day I will be wading through airport security in The Cities to get Mr. A. So either tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to let you all know if his sweater fits. (I am sure it will go on him, it is really an issue of how much ease it has, vs. how much he wants.)


Anita said...

Those are PURPLE socks! LOVE EM! :)

Arthur said...

Um, yes, rabbits can take care of themselves; maybe. I have had them draw serious blood with thier FRONT claws, and leave bruises with their hind legs, which are much stronger. Hate to think how I would have fared if it that one had been as mad as the first, and had connected with bare skin instead of a heavy shirt!
But Oribel looks bigger, and cats are very strong for their size. It would be an interesting contest. Cat quickness vs. rabbit skittishness; stronger legs vs. greater agility; sharper claws and teeth vs. an instinct to not expose vulnerable parts. My guess is whoever could land the first blow would win, and probably fairly quickly.