Monday, August 11, 2008

Another object finished for Ravelympics

I finished my Knitted Chocolate Easter Bunny. Well, this is the second on I have made in the last two days or so; the first one didn't come out correctly at all. Apparently there has been a correction to the pattern I had printed off months ago and for some D.A. reason I didn't think to go look for corrections when part of it wasn't making sense to me. I just slogged on, thinking I was the one being confused about lots of decreases with only five stitches to work with. Yeah, well, anyway, I ended up with a very mutated blob of brown knitted mess. So, of course after I was done sewing it up, I go look up the pattern on-line and find the correction. So of course I started another one. Fortunately, this one ended up looking pretty much like it was supposed to. I think I might even make another one or two before next Easter, though I think I will use smaller yarn to get a smaller bunny.

You may remember awhile back I mentioned I had jumped on the five minute bandwagon? Well, as I had suspected DTE is wanting a pizza/bread stone and peel to take back to school with her. This stuff makes great bread and wonderful pizza in about thirty minutes. We have been eating pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil from the deck, tomatoes (not quite from our garden yet), garlic pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil several times a week for the last several weeks. It has been a fast, easy, delicious dinner for summer nights. I will add that this is such a great band wagon to be on that I fell down and bought the book. I will also add that I checked it out from the library twice before I did so. I settled for twice since there kept being a waiting list and I didn't want to have to wait again. This is also why a sweater box has taken up residence in our fridge, it is the perfect thing for storing the bread dough in.


Bubblesknits said...

This may be a silly question, but what's a "peel"? I'm familiar with pizza stones and looove using them. :-)

You need to make a chocolate bunny with a bite out of his ears. That's how they always look around here. lol

bruce said...

if I remember correctly, a peel is the flat spatula thingie that you use to put the pizza on and take off the stone.

and your pizza sounds good. we have fresh basil and garden tomatoes (If they're still alive) and the cheese can be gotten. and I want a pizza stone too. any ideas on what they are made of, etc? slate, granite, prob not glazed, marble no, but that would make a good bread kneading & rolling out surface.

and I see Mr. A got there ok. glad the sweater fits. Maybe you can tell him what he/we need to continue his culinary journey back in CA.

Anita said...

Cute bunny! How many finished projects are you up to now?

I think the bite should be out of his butt! SNOL!

Channon said...

Another? I need to cast on a hat so I can claim I've finished ONE...