Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will wonders never cease?

Today Mr. A and I ran some errands that included stopping by Best Buy to get our converter box. He and Hubband set it up after dinner and it made an amazing difference! We now seem to have reception/picture quality similar to what we had when we had cable in Texas (folks that was 21 years ago) and we seem to have about thirty channels! We just wish we had had this thing last Friday for the opening ceremonies! Once I figure it all out, I have to admit that I may go back to watching TV a bit more often. There is a big difference between a just a few only slightly better than fuzzy channels (well, only one for a fair portion of the winter when the antenna is frozen in place) and what we got tonight! We are getting two Twin Cities Public TV stations, and we used to get none. It is amazing what one little box can do!

Mr. A and I also stopped by to see DTY at work. She has been selling stuff (aka produce) on street corners since mid-July, and was in town yesterday and today. (Most of the time she has been selling in Decorah, Iowa. This is her last week of work as she needs to do a few things before leaving for school besides being gone from 7 am to 9pm for work. It was fun to see her corn truck and pick up melons, zucchini, and corn from her. We grilled the corn and zucchini tonight as well as the Runsas Mr. A and I made. (If that link didn't work for some reason, try this one instead.) Don't worry, he is bringing the recipe home with him. We have never grilled the zucchini outside before, but fortunately for us he was able to tell us how his dad does it and it turned out great!

On the knitting front I almost have the Pop Tart all done. I just need to add the sprinkles and do a little bit of sewing and I'll have another FO for Ravelympics. I started my hat tonight wile we watched some swimming and gymnastics. There is a fair chance I will have it done tomorrow too. That's mostly because I have an hour and a half of class time in the morning to knit and then knit night tomorrow. It is that big of a hat. With any luck I will have pictures of that stuff for you tomorrow sometime.
Speaking of tomorrow, it will be time for another Whiskers on Wednesday post. Never fear, it will be up, but I might not get it there until later than usual. Check back sometime after two my time and I hope it will be done by then.
For now I am off to sleep.


Anita said...

That's awesome about the TV! We have cable but it wasn't that long ago that we didn't, so I can relate.

I wish I had been at your house for dinner last night! Yummy!

bruce said...

I was thinking about the recipe for runces, but B3 said it's coming back with A.

And thanks for mentioning me in despatches, re: the grill.