Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh, hi there....

we really are still here, just been staying busy, and distracted. Busy with normal stuff for the most part and distracted with mostly knitting. Though I will say that having a cardboard box motoring about one's kitchen is pretty much a distraction all by itself.
I jumped onto the five minute bandwagon this week. It is well worth the leap I will say. I am thinking that DTE will be wanting a pizza stone by the time the summer is over, if she doesn't already have one. There is a pretty decent video about this craze as well. I am looking forward to reading the book, but I a will have to wait a little while. I am number eight on the hold list, but they do have three copies!

Judy turned fifty this week and she generously shared some of her presents with us at Wednesday Knitting. She also decided that some of her balloons should go home with me for Oribel (apparently she still has plenty at home). It is really hard to get a picture of a kitten playing with balloons, but I promise that she has had a good time with them. She also says, "Thank you very much Judy, for the balloons."

I did to get a picture of her just as she was contemplating attacking a dog (or maybe Hubband's foot, I forget which) on their way out of the bedroom.

Spring is slowly making its way here. I have Lily of the Valley in bloom out front, as well as some other stuff just about to pop open.The rhubarb is also coming along nicely. A few birds are making their way back, we have had a Red-winged Blackbird at the feeder this week, as well as a several Mourning Doves and robins. We should have Orioles pretty soon. Guess I better check on the grape jelly supply. It was up to 63° and sunny today, but they are predicting snow again tomorrow night, Monday and Tuesday night, and maybe also during the day on Wednesday. Le sigh. Oh, right, I said it was spring here.

Hubband decided he needed to undergo a big transformation this week. He wanted to get a crew-cut as well, but didn't have time before he left for a work trip. I am sure he'll cover that part next week. (I think he should try to find some wax on-line and turn it into a handle-bar. He's never done that before.)

I have made three or four dishcloths this week, but don't have pictures of them. All of them are gifts and I forgot to take pictures before packaging them up. Not that they were anything that you haven't seen before, I promise. I am also working on another gft knitting item (or two or three).
My biggest knitting distraction this week has been socks. Sunday I had a private lesson to learn Wendy's Toe-Up sock. I used EZ sewn bind off, which was also new for me. I have been saving this yarn specifically for this and was happy to finally use it, and learn new stuff. It is really cool to watch the striping change as you go along, and not always be the same each time you get to the "color repeat."
This is a super easy pattern, but it does help to pay attention to your short row wraps. Which kind of means I can't do them and visit at the same time. Well, not yet anyway. Give me a couple of more short row socks and I might be able to. I obviously am going to have this sock done before I go to sleep Sunday night (it is going to Adult Ed tomorrow at church after all, and I only need to finish the leg). Of course that leaves me with "What sock should I start to take with me Thursday night?"


Judy said...

Glad Oribel liked the balloons! We've got some happy little birds coming back too...including bluebirds. DH just put up the houses and already they're filling them!

Bubblesknits said...

We visited the inlaws today and their backyard was covered up in squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. There were tons of these little finches (I think) that had bright yellow feathers. Beautiful!

Oribel is growing like a weed! And what a transformation for your hubby! :-)