Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some days are just perfect

for hanging out. Sunny and warm without being too hot and muggy, little or no wind (that has been rare this week with our high wind warnings), and no rain in sight (unlike yesterday with a downpour of an inch in 45 minutes).

So perfect that there was no knitting being done, just hanging out relaxing with the camera and the animals.

Sadie wasn't quite as relaxed as Simon though, she was busy working under that bench.


She was busy being "The World's Best Babysitter" or just keeping track of the rest of her pack (a rose is a rose by any other name after all), but at least she wasn't whining about how far afield Oribel was. (You'll need to biggify to see what Sadie and I saw.)


Simon was way to busy enjoying the sun to be worried about a silly cat.

Though it is a known fact that sunshine makes bassets fall over.


Channon said...

What a cute post! It makes me wish I could come over and give belly rubs and ear scratches...

Jayhawk said...

Altogether too cute. And, hark, I do believe your trees are alive after all! It's a miracle!

gaylen said...

I love it! Sunshine does in fact make bassets fall over. Cute post. g

Gnat said... cute! love puppy pictures!