Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As I am sure most of you know,

it was Easter awhile back (like, before I went to see my dad in Idaho). DTE was home for the weekend, we cooked dinner together, and normal stuff like that. (Well she did tell me about a certain ice cream too, but that was a good thing as well. I think.)

Anyways (I am sure you're all wondering where this is going, right?), she and Hubband gave me a wonderful Easter basket. There was cheese and crackers. Well, there was more cheese than this, but being as how none of us had ever seen this before, it was the most important. It falls into the "things a lot of you might not know about me" category. My first job (well besides being a babysitter in high demand) was working in an import cheese store. Great job, lots of stuff to learn, remember, take tests on. Seriously, I had to learn all sorts of cheese facts and information (as well as taste) about over 200 different kinds of cheese. Great job. (Though ever since I have had a few people accuse me of being a cheese snob. That's OK,there are worse things I have been accused of.) Brie happens to be one of my family's favorite cheeses (should have seen my kids the day we found several pounds of Brie mispriced for three cents!), as well as goat cheese. So of course the combination of the two had to be checked out! Seriously yummy cheese!

There were also flowers because my family know how much I love flowers and growing things. (Hmm, another one of those "things a lot of you might not know about me," one summer when the children were small people I had a part time job working for a landscape architect. I like to play in the dirt.)

Of course the flowers had to be inspected,

and then they were promptly shown who was in charge around here by having a flower or two eaten.

Fortunately she has decided that plants outside are alright and can be left alone. Otherwise she would be knocking them off the bench and onto the floor, like she did with African Violets I used to own. (Well, she actually knocked them off a small table and onto Simon while he was sleeping at 2 AM, but who is keeping track?)
Happy WoW!


Channon said...

Poor Simon! Oribel sure has plenty of personality, doesn't she?

I love cheese too, so I'm going to see if my friend who oversees a cheese shop (along with 100 other duties) might be able to find it!

Bubblesknits said...

Ooch! I bet that left a knot on Simon's head.

The hubby and I both love a good cheese sampler at restaurants. I'd rather have that than dessert!

bruce said...

I love cheese.. I'd like to try goat Brie. Any idea where to find it?

Jayhawk said...

Brie-eating liberal. I'll bet you eat arugala, too. I am a real Amuricun and don't even know how to spell it. I eat... Well, never mind what I eat. Or how I vote.

But I don't eat Brie, anyway.

Arthur said...

Actually, I am pretty sure Jayhawk isn't really prejudiced against "arugala", he doesn't like any salad-type green. And I know he likes other kinds of cheese, and will serve brie to his guests. So I suspect it is just a taste thing.

Must be, I don't care for either myself!