Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring flowers

Warning: This is a picture heavy post. Very heavy on the "first spring flowers" pictures. These are the signs of spring in my front flower garden, right by the front door. These beauties will soon be joined by daffodils.


These are out on the hillside of our lawn that joins to the road. There will be daffodils here too, as well as some tulips, if the deer haven't eaten the bulbs. (It is best to surround one's tulip bulbs with daffodils for preservation.)

This is a fallen tree in the forest that borders the west side of our front yard. (The same forest that the Red-Tailed Hawks live in.)
(Can you tell I love my flowers, that the snow is gone, and the sun is was shining?)

Some of what has been done on the knitting front
First half of February

Second half of February KAL

Second half of March KAL

I still need to catch up with the rest of March and April, but since I got these three done this past weekend, I might make it soon. I got one gift project finished on the knitting front, but it needs to be felted. That may get to happen soon with any luck. I also worked on another gift, realized last night at knitting I had made a mistake, so need to rip out about an inch or two (best not to actually measure that part). I think there was probably another dishcloth that was made, but I forgot to get a picture. Seriously, there was other knitting, as can be seen here, but it is a bit difficult to report about it too much. I am not sure that either of the recipients read this spot very often, but one can never be too safe about these things.

I will leave you with the view I had while knitting.


Anonymous said...

That is probably the most precious picture I've ever seen! Both of them just stretched out next to each other! Oribel has grown, too!

DvntWriter said...

Hi! Your uncle Arther showed me your blog a while ago - I just love reading about your pets. I have a question though, what is that flower (4th up from the log) called? It's beautiful!

DvntWriter said...

Scratch that - your brother. I think lol. I'm sorry!...can't seem to remember. :-)

Claudia said...

Hi Barbara!

Now that you've visited my blog, I've come to find yours, and it's so warm and pretty here that I think I'll stay awhile! I hope it's okay if I add your blog to my list of blogs to visit regularly.

I LOVE your flowers! I need to plant some around here. This time of year, I'm always looking at everyone else's flowers. I need to plant some around my bird bath. :)

And the knitting is lovely! I'm so far behind in my dishcloths. I just got January's dishcloths finished and I'm blocking them today, so I'll have to move on quickly. :)

As for your two friends...aren't they adorable! I love seeing everyone's "family".

I will be in touch with your about your yarn. I'm a coffee lover and I love the colors in coffee, so to have those colors in yarn would suit me just fine. I'll email in a day or so when I have a bit more free time.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

They are SO CUTE together on the pillow!!!! And how in the world do you have such early're not THAT far south of the Twin Cities and we're just starting to see the day lillies popping up!

Kathy said...

OH I love your picture. My dog and cat sometimes, not frequently, but sometimes, sleep together too. I love your blog. Came from FLoozie's blog.