Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mature socks

They have been encouraged to grow, protected from dangerous yarn eating animals, nurtured along their way to being all grown up.
Now it is time for them to go to work and do their job.
Then I decided I needed to make a "Toe-up" tiny little sock. I just wish I had had enough yarn left from my socks to make it with.


Bubblesknits said...

The socks turned out great!

Judy said...

ooooh, shiny! Love the sockies. Izzat Sadie other one? Pardon me...having a senior moment to go with my red-wine-induced hot flash

gaylen said...

Your bassetts eat yarn? Mine won't touch the stuff - unless it's felted into something for me.

I love the socks - too pretty! g

Gnat said...

Cute puppy but I can imagine that it would not be fun to lose projects to your pup. :)

Anonymous said...

NO, her bassettS don't eat yarn. SADIE will, Simon won't. I have watched Sadie unsnap the lid of a plastic tub and unzip the zipper of a knitting bag to get to yarn. Weird, as well as talented, dog.