Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life is full of choices

Choices about what to read and/or listen to.

Choices about what to knit.

Choices about which washer to use

and which dryer.

Choices about whether to fix a broken washer or just get a new one.

Choices about what washer to buy.


Anonymous said...

Your washer is broke too?!? That sucks. I had convinced myself my washer was just leaking from the door, but I put a towel there when I did laundry last night and it wasn't wet at all. But my floor was. Let me know if you find any good deals. How was the Harlot?

Laura said...

Aw, man... I hate when the washer is broken. Laundry from the laundromat just doesn't smell as good.

Maybe you can get one of those sweet new low energy, low water use ones?

Jayhawk said...

We have a Maytag refrigerator, which is crap. We have a Whirlpool washer which is 4 years old and has a $300 new transmission. We have a Whirlpool dryer which is 15 years old and has been repaired twice at a total cost of abuot $120.

And we have a cat who is lying on the tiled floor in the hallway, wishing she didn't have a fur coat.

bruce said...

our washer & dryer are heavy duty Maytags and have lasted 13 yrs.

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Our washer likes to move across the floor every load. I'm hoping to get it replaced this year.