Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow came here overnight.

Eight inches worth, or there abouts, at least that is what I measured with a ruler on a flat, clean last night, part of the deck. It was seven inches on the sidewalk out front, but in that case I might have had the ruler at a bit of angle, since I was trying to avoid stepping off the porch.  This is probably our deepest snowfall of the season, not that we have really had very many decent snowstorms so far.  Unless something changes radically, we might be headed for another drought year. (I am still working on figuring out the whole picture thing, both with the computer/Picasa/camera interface and with the iPad/Blogger interface.)
I wound up shoveling the length of our driveway but only the width of two garage doors up closer to the house. It is a lot easier to do it that way than shovel the whole two-car width for the whole length; it's not like we would ever drive two cars down at the same time, even in the middle of the summer.
I still couldn't leave well enough alone with my knitting project and just keep knitting. I decided it needed to be two colors instead of just one, so ripped back about seventeen rows of the pattern, reknit   Four rows plus two pattern repeats of the fifth row in the two colors when I realized I had messed up the second color on the third row, so ripped back again. Seriously, if I can just settle down with it and just knit, it will be done in no time! Well, ok maybe in a little bit of time, like two or three days of intermittent knitting, but that isn't very long. Of course, once I am done improvising the pattern to my preference, have it figured out, and the challenge is gone, I will be busy thinking about/wanting to start a new project. I am challenging myself with finishing it before starting the next shiny thing. Depending on what new shiny thing runs past when this is done, I am hoping to repeat that challenge. We shall see how well that works out.
The weekend around here is going to involve grocery shopping, cooking, baking, some more snow shoveling, and clearly some sorting out of a knitting challenge. I imagine other stuff will come along as well; anyone out there have exciting weekend plans?

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bruce said...

Entertaining Arthur and friend, reviewing scholarships that I forgot to do last week, cooking cleaning (if I don't feel lazy), and a computer project (if I don't procrastinate yet again - I'm good at that).