Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It is warmer today

than it was yesterday. As in, it is 11°F (-12°C) with a windchill still above zero at almost 10 PM, compared to yesterday's reported in at 2 PM conditions. Today's heat wave turned out to be a good thing, considering I got locked out of the house this morning at a bit after ten. I went out into the garage to grab something out of the car and then this transpired. .   
Go back to door into house to get rest of self ready to leave. Discover the garage door has locked itself (it used to do this a lot, hasn’t for awhile). Go to grab spare house key we keep in the garage and discover it is gone. Search around for a bit and decide to just call Hubband. Go to grab cell from car to realize/remember it was in the house charging. Look a bit more for key, give up, and decide I am going to have to walk up to the corner house to see if they are home (since their daughter has a key she has used to feed animals). Walk to corner, get two possible keys from them (we don’t know which one it is for certain and said daughter is now in CA). They also loan me a coat to walk back home in. Get home, neither key works. Think about it for a moment and decide to walk to a neighbor who might be able to help me find Hubband’s office number in the work directory. Those neighbors aren’t home, but I hear music coming from the house in between the one I am at and our house, so go over there (hadn’t expected them to be home). Call a friend who is able to give me the number of someone who can connect me to Hubband’s office number, he doesn’t answer but she can look at his calender and tell that he is in a meeting for another ten minutes, and can send him an email letting him know the neighbor is driving me over to get the key.
Neighbor drives me to Hubband’s office (and is willing to wait to drive me back home), I go up to the third floor in hopes of finding H back in his office. No luck, so I ask someone three doors down if they know where he is. Turns out they don’t even know who he is, so go in search of someone who knows him. Find someone who does, she looks up his calender and we head off to the room he is supposed to be meeting in. Turns out he isn’t there, so we go back to look it up again and she realizes she was off by an hour, so we head to another room and find him. He asks why I am there and I explain I need the key to the house, he wonders, “What is this you are wearing?” and I tell him it is the neighbor’s coat. We walk back to his office so he can get the keys from his coat, with me listening him giggle the whole way. The neighbor drives me back home and waits to make sure I can get in the house. An hour plus after going to check on my yarn supply I am back inside the house, but my regular gig is two-thirds over, and if I left then, there would only be about fifteen minutes of it left. The spare key is now back where it belongs in the garage. 
Some excitement just isn't needed in life, but it all turned out fine, so no complaining here. (Plus I got to visit with the neighbor  about his newish job and make my husband laugh.)


bruce said...

Oh gosh, that is so funny. Not to you while it's happening of course, but it seemed a relief after it was all over and worked out ok. Of course, now the rumor mill will be working at H's office and he can milk the story for a while about his wife Lucy Ricardo.

Thank the Lord for good neighbors and good humor.

Bubblesknits said...

Bless your heart. I got locked out of the house once when I was 8 months pregnant. 90 degree weather and miserable. Everyone I could call was at work and couldn't get away. Ended up sitting in the shade under a tree with a sprinkler going to keep myself cool until someone came home. lol I must have looked like a mad water buffalo charging towards the bathroom door when I finally did get in.