Tuesday, February 19, 2013


blue jays can be rather picky eaters. I know they prefer peanuts, and definitely in the shell is the best in their opinion. I have watched them toss aside sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and other stuff in their pursuit of finding peanuts in the bird seed mix. Saturday Hubband and I went to the feed store to get some corn for the poor starving peasant that lives in the woods. He comes into our yard pretty much every day and we are doing our part to turn him back into a pheasant. While we were getting corn (and water softener salt, since they sell that too) I decided to get a bag of peanuts in the shell as well. Yesterday I filled garden pot with some and put it on the same pole that holds one of our bird feeders. This morning Hubband got to watch a blue jay pick through (and toss aside onto the deck below) several peanuts in the pursuit of the perfect breakfast. Later on the rejected peanuts seemed to be perfectly acceptable to a couple of jays that didn't even fight over them. (With any luck, I will be able to figure out the problem I seem to be having getting photos, my computer, and blogger to all play well together.)


bruce said...

wow several posts in as many days. Welcome back! What happened to the pheasant? What was Oribel thinking of the outdoor bird buffet?

Bubblesknits said...

Our little house finches will pick through the smaller seeds to get to the larger sunflower seeds. Glad to know I'm not the only one with picky birds. lol