Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last night I got a phone call

from one of our neighbors. This is a little unusual and just as I suspected as soon as I heard who it was, it was about the water. He was calling to see how our water pressure was since theirs was low; I told him that ours was really low and I had been thinking about calling him as well. He said that he had tried calling the other houses on our shared well and that two of the folks weren't home and the third agreed about low pressure. At that time he didn't think it was worth calling the well people as there is an extra charge for after hours and we did have water after (unlike the two time the well head/electrical thingie has been covered with enough ants or other bugs to shut the water supply down completely).  He said that maybe he would go out and take a look at it and maybe see if throwing the breaker off and back on would fix it. (I don't think one can "reboot" a well, but at least one feels like they have done something proactive I suppose.)
  He called back about half an hour to forty minutes later to let us know that he had made an executive decision to have the well company come out after all. Apparently we had gone from 12 to 7 PSI (or how ever it is measured) in that half hour or less and it was still going down. Something about thinking that we would all be willing to pay the extra $100 surcharge divided by five so that showers and coffee could happen around the neighborhood for work or some such thing. I assured him he made the right choice and that was why he had the (well) executive job instead of one of us. Anyway, a little while after seeing truck lights up and down the street, we had water all back to normal.
  This afternoon I noticed at least one well company truck down there so I figured there was more that needed fixing that they had noticed last night, but had just done enough to get us by until morning. Well, there must be more, since when I got home from Knit Night there was a message from him saying that the pressure was down again and he wanted us to go easy on it as much as possible tonight as it might not last until morning. At least I got the coffee maker all set up and ready just in case it flat-lines overnight. 


bruce said...

Well, that is one price to pay for living out in the sticks. I remember (in a previous life) we had a septic tank that had problems periodically.

Bubblesknits said...

Hope you've got good water pressure by now. The few times they've had to shut off our water, I've been one miserable girl.