Saturday, March 9, 2013

This morning Hubband

grabbed my camera (which is usually kept either on the counter/desk thing in the kitchen, or in my purse when I am out) when he had the chance to get some pictures of the pheasant out in the yard (via the kitchen window as usual). Apparently it had been fighting with itself, but then stopped while the camera was out. Yes, we have a mirror in our yard, it belongs to Hubband, and yes, it needs to be cleaned. The yard looks a lot different now than it did this morning, due to temperatures in the mid-plus 30's all day and rain. It is kind of a lake out there now, along with the one out front, and the sloppy, slippery road to our road. It isn't going to be pleasant in the least when it freezes tonight and then gets freezing rain, wintery mix, and snow on it. Ick. (These should biggify if you want.)

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SissySees said...

Stunning. I've never seen a pheasant live... they're beautiful.