Thursday, March 7, 2013

Well, yesterday turned out

to be Migraine Wednesday, aka nothing happened involving me other than a lot of sleeping. Part of the time my feet had company and part of the time the company moved up to my side; I guess I might have given the company an occasional ear scratch, but that was about all I could muster.
Fortunately today was a much better day and I was able to go to a couple of appointments, shovel the front walk that still needed doing, as well as the bird feeder paths on the deck and in the yard. Then filling bird feeders also happened as well as fixing dinner and such like.So, pretty much back to normal.
While I was fixing dinner there was the normal parade of small birds at the feeders, as well as some turkeys checking out the pheasant feeder (meaning that is more than just a pheasant feeder), and then the usual parade of deer poking about to see what corn they could get out of it. The odd thing was that then one of the deer must have decided she was tired and needed to rest, as she just plunked down and settled in for awhile. We are pretty sure that some deer are doing this at night in the front yard, but we had never seen them do it in daylight, especially when they have a fairly good idea that we are watching them from the kitchen. (During dinner a four or five point buck wandered up to the feeder as well, but I didn't bother to try to get his picture as I was pretty sure I would have startled him away when I got up to get the camera. Again, we have seen "him" after dark a few times, but this was while the sun was still up.)