Wednesday, November 18, 2009


meet your new Best Friend Forever (or at least until you loose or hide it like all the others). Coaster, meet your new owner, tour-guide, and tormentor. She will carry you all around the house, telling you who-really-knows-what-all sort of stuff in the process; she will give you baths in the dogs' water dish; help the fish do some interior decorating with you; and teach you the joys of playing fetch with the humans, I just wish she wouldn't decide to play that game at 4:30 or so in the morning.

Ummmm, Miss O, Sadie really doesn't want to take your BFF, she just wants to walk past.


Oh, and could we please just stick to giving it drinks of water, instead of tea? Though I am really glad it isn't a bat.

(Don't forget today is Whiskers on Wednesday!)


Anita said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! She really does have a thing for coasters doesn't she. Snicker.... We would all be so bored without Miss Oribell to entertain us. :)

Jayhawk said...

Around here toys have been known to be hidden in drawers at night, in no small part because little furry persons who play with said toys do so while seemingly wearing concrete shoes. That doesn't, of course, mean that the toilet paper is safe.

Cats rule.

Bubblesknits said...

lol When we pulled all the furniture away from the walls to vacuum the other day, we found Fluffy's "baby". She was so happy to see that stupid fuzzy little toy. lol I think she's already lost it again, though.

Channon said...

That's cute. It's funny how the take to one thing over another, isn't it? For Gretchen, it's a nylon bone. She loves to play fetch, she likes a real bone for variety, and there's always a baby around, just in case, but it's the nylon bones that make her world go 'round.

Sissy? She just wants peppermints and her pack.

DTE said...

... I could swear that is Simon's head. Show's what I know. Good thing I'm coming home next weekend.

gaylen said...

Well I guess that's one way to get the dogs in. Funny that you knit coasters for the cat. What do you put your beverages on? g

bruce said...

Ah, yes Miss Oribel never ceases to amaze and entertain. Simba has a toy flower he bats and carries around (when the kids aren't using it)