Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The hat is growing,

but it wasn't done last night and it won't be done today. It takes me about an hour and a half to get through all the stitches and rows for the current section of cable pattern repeat, but it is getting faster and easier each time I go through it. I am sure by the time I get to the fifth repeat, it will be down to an hour or less. Of course, then I start decreasing and the pattern changes, so even though I will have less stitches, it will be back to paying super-close attention, though this pattern requires a lot of that, no matter what.
It isn't really worth trying to show you a picture at this point, as it is hard to see the cables without putting it on something and I don't feel like taking it off the needles just to do that. I think I will be able to be done with a picture by this time next week, maybe sooner. I have some cooking to do as well (today I'm making pita bread), and a few things in the yard while the sun is shining.


Bubblesknits said...

Sun? Shining? What is this that you speak of? ;-)

Channon said...

I wanna' make pita bread. Have I whined about THAT lately - or ever?

gaylen said...

I just wanna make bread. Are you gathering your recipies for me?

Can't wait to see the hat. Do you knit anything but socks and dishrags for yourself? g