Thursday, October 16, 2008

More information for you

I am safely back home with a bunch of stuff to catch up on. Bills, other mail, other paperwork, laundry, library trips, general stuff like that. Most of which I would rather ignore, but really shouldn't; doesn't mean I'll get to it all today, or even tomorrow, but I will soon.
Hubband had a wonderful time seeing folks at his high school reunion and I had fun meeting some of the people I have heard about over the years. Oddly enough, I have known some of the folks he went to school with for years, but none of the ones in his actual class; just folks a year or several older (odder still, he was seven years ahead of me in school).
After talking to the nice lady with 911 and then customer service with my cell phone carrier, my phone was all unlocked. Hubband thought it was very funny that I had called emergency services while we were driving to church. I may have found it a bit more so if he had been the one calling instead and I had been driving. Fortunately for him, I did find it amusing enough, but I may not won't take that advice from him again.
Sorry not to have a Whiskers on Wednesday post for you yesterday, but my Internet access in Idaho Falls is rather spotty. My dad doesn't have a computer, so we go off to the Villa Coffeehouse for connectivity with my hand-dandy portable computer. Since yesterday was my travel day and all, it just didn't happen. You might consider checking out the other folks that had it together though, and I will have one up next week. There are also some interesting and cool "Fun Facts" about cats. (Yeah, for those of you thinking "Yes, he does so have a computer," it is true; he actually has two in the house I believe. Fortunately, someone out there does know the password or at least one of them when the time comes for me to deal with all that stuff. It just isn't today, or this week. Thank goodness.)
Any how, I am off to go do some catching up around home and with any luck, will do some more catching up in the next day or two for you folks out in Blogland.


bruce said...

Dad has a computer? even two? whoa.. I didn;t see any he last time I was there. Of course, I completely understand he would be technically challenged to the point of not beiable to actually use them, so they are as good as .. well, boat anchors.

Harold was 1974.. I was 1977, man, that was a long time ago. I guess I ought to to go to one of those and see what's up.

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

No, Hubband was 1973 (I was 1980).
Dude, he has a laptop that you gave him some years back and you told me the password over the phone onece. I am counting on you remembering it when I need it later. He had S's old desk top to, but at this point there are no clues as to the password for that one. He doesn't want to get rid of them because they have important information on them that he might need someday.

Channon said...

While the Knight and I didn't graduate from the same school, I know almost all of his classmates, because we all started school together before I moved away a few years later...