Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trip report and Oribel's adventure.

I had a rather uneventful flight, transfer, second flight, and then a mostly uneventful drive with mom north to my filial destination. Those kinds of flights are always best in my opinion. That is pretty much all I've got for a trip report so far.
As you know, Hubband and I had our cool adventure on Saturday. On Sunday Oribel decided she needed her own adventure/excitement, inflicting a certain amount into our life as well. I was working on stuff in the kitchen when Hubband stuck his head in the door from where he was working on stuff outside, “I think Oribel might have a bit of a problem.” He didn't sound too worried, I came out onto the deck where she had been about five minutes before, and looked around. I didn't see her, so I looked out into the yard toward the bird feeder to see what she was up to, thinking she may be having another standoff with a rabbit. I still saw no sign of her, but Hubband pointed up and then I saw that she had decided to add another level to her domain. She was looking a bit like she wasn't sure how to get back down from the tree she seemed to think needed exploring up close and personal; Hubband jokingly said something about calling the fire department. I reminded him that this is the volunteer department that the first time we encountered them they were down the street at our neighbors trying to decide if the house they had been called out to was on fire or not, and our other experience was that they couldn't find a fire we called them about once. (Seriously though Chan, I am not worried about them, I have never heard of any problems in the nine plus years we have been here of anything burning down in their jurisdiction.) Anyhow, I, of course, went back inside to grab the camera to document said adventure; not that there was really anything else we could do about the situation anyway.

We watched her figure out how to get higher in the tree before she figured out how to get closer to the ground, but she finally got herself back to the lowest crotch of the tree, but it took her a bit longer to figure out the “I just need to point myself downward, go a little way, and then jump” thing. I told her that she was rapidly working herself up to being an indoor only cat. (Like that would really work, she pays attention to when the dogs need in and out and is very fast about zipping out the door into the garage if that is her only means of getting to her outer domain.)

As soon as she was out of the tree onto the ground, she was off at a high rate of speed to explore something else, so I didn't have a chance to bring her in then. About five minutes later I looked out the kitchen window to see her up in a different tree. Seems that since she figured out that her yard has just expanded upwards, she need to explore and stake her claim on all that she can. The noise level of the blue jays seems to have gone up too.
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Anne said...

Oh that's so cool! I've never thought of cleo climbing - she's VERY wimpy - I think she'd be afraid of your birds, though she does sit at the window and chitter at them sometimes from in here :D

Bubblesknits said...

lol Fluffy has done that a few times, except with the porch screen.

Channon said...

Hahahaha... Love it!

Glad you have faith in your local volunteers, but also glad you didn't call. Around here, the cat has to be in the tree overnight before they'll come.

Jayhawk said...

What an adventure! and those are totally awesome pictures. I'm bookmarking this post so I can treasure those shots again.

Anita said...

Cute! She is a real adventure seeker!
I think i would have a heart attack if Jazzy got outside! We live too close to a main road with lots of traffic.... I'm glad Oribel has the chance to explore all of that outside! :)