Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With three animals around, one gets used to strange noises.

Most of the time I can tell what the noise is without looking (twenty-five years of motherhood probably helps in this department). For example, as I write this I can hear a "Thumpety, thumpety, jingle, jingle" over my head, which is known to be Sadie having a relay race with herself. It is also known around here that one should never let her catch you looking at her doing so; if she knows she is being watched, she has to stop and act all dignified. Sometimes though, one just has to look to see what is happening. I don't remember now what the noise was that I heard the other day to make me investigate, but this is what I saw. Oribel had to carry/drag that across the family room, then across the dining room, to get to the stairs. I guess she noticed that she had left some behind her and needed to gather it all up. (Before some of you ask, "No, I didn't make that sweater. I found it this summer at a sidewalk clearance sale for less than $60, so of course it went home with me.)
I attempted the "gathering up project" myself, but she did her best to take it away from me. Since it is a known fact that I am am a sucker for a cute face, I kind of let her win. (A cute face is the same reason I ended up with a pet hamster a few years ago, just to keep someone else's hamster company.) Then Sadie deiced she needed to see if this yarn was worth her time and energy.

As soon as she discovered that it was just plain old cotton yarn, Sadie had no interest and decided to leave Oribel and the yarn to themselves (it would have been a totally different story if it was animal yarn).
I decided I would try again to reclaim the yarn for my use,

but wasn't too successful. (I know, I really shouldn't encourage her.)

I did manage to reclaim my yarn a little while later. Of course, last night she grabbed the ball of yarn I was using and ran across the family room with it. There is a reason I am hesitant to use lace weight yarn with her around.
Oh, did you notice today is Whiskers on Wednesday?
(Maybe Oribel posts and/or videos are above and beyond what you all really want to be subjected to around Casa Coffee Yarn. Feel free to tell me if that is the case. No promises much will change besides a spoiler warning at the beginning of the post though.)


Bubblesknits said...

LOL Somehow I think that yarn should be officially donated to Miss Oribel. I wouldn't want to untangle that mess.

mari said...


Joey's managed to get into my yarn every now and then. Wish I had caught it on film. :)

StarSpry said...

Silly kitty :) I love the end of the last video when she rolls on her back with the yarn!

momlee said...

All pics/videos of Oribel are very welcome - better (if shorter) than TV

Anita said...

Nah, if you donate it to her as a toy she won't want it anymore. LOL

The videos are absolutely adorable! How can we NOT encourage them, they're so cute!!

BTW... I'd be lost without my Miss Oribel posts. :)

Judy said...

My goodness....she looks like one happy kitty with her wad of yarn. ;)

Channon said...

That's just too funny. I'm glad someone else thinks naughty pets are precious...

Claudia said...

I'm hearing noises all around me, too. One big feline, angry because I had the nerve to go see the doctor and then have supper out with my nephew. I'm paying for it now. "MEEEEEEOOOOOW"