Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OK, there is something going on around here today.

Not a whole lot, in my opinion, but a little. For the record, I am all alone here, except for the dogs, cat, turkeys, and other wildlife around here. As you know, the girl children are back at school, and as I mentioned, travel season has started. Well, it may not be a whole season, but it is for a couple of weeks to start. Hubband left for Wuhan University, on Monday, and will be gone for a week. Then he will leave for Washington, DC, about thirty-six hours after he gets home from China, and will be gone until the end of next week. So it is rather quiet around here for the most part. No phone calls from the other side of the world, but we do have Skype instant messaging. Of course, that means that I don't always go to bed at a reasonable time, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make if it means I get to "talk" to him.

The biggest activity for today is my construction project for the day. I went to check out the fire bowl Hubband told me he saw at SuperTarget the other day, and decided it fit the bill for the patio.

Of course it won't be quite so shiny after the first fire (which would be tonight, but I have Knitting Night, and it would be a bit lonely having a fire by myself).

Extra cool is the included "weather cover." There is a "Bonus Feature" of a table-top gel-burner. Hmm, we'll see how much use that gets.

Oribel wasn't around to help me put it together, which is probably just as well. I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening when she first came across it out there, but I would guess that it got a going over. I did catch her hanging out under the table on the deck and she even decided to cooperate and look at me when I wanted to take her picture.

Currently she smells very "piney." I could hope she decided to rub herself all over the rosemary on the deck and that's why, but I kind of doubt it. I think her pine-scent has more to do with the forest and burs stuck in her fur.


Anita said...

That's a great bowl! Make sure you get some photos with a fire burning. :)

Oribel has burs in her fur?? Bad kitty going in the woods! She looks cute laying under the table though....

Bubblesknits said...

I'm sorry you're there by yourself! ((hugs)) You know I'm here if you need to chat. :-)

I swear, Oribel is one of the prettiest cats. Every time you post pictures of her, it strikes me all over again.

Channon said...

I envision one of those *IF* we get around to building a deck/patio/whatever on the front side of the house...

You do have a very fluffy, cute supervisor though.