Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Miss Oribel,

Why do you think that drinking contact solution is such a good idea? I understand that you don't think a little bit of hydrogen peroxide is going to hurt you, and I am sure it really won't. But you are in my way every night while I am trying to put my contacts in to sterilize overnight. I also don't exactly understand your fascination with drinking it the next morning, though I do realize that by then it is just salt water. I personally don't think I need your kitty germ covered tongue drinking out of the container every morning. Plus, you are very much in my way!
You really need to learn how to share the sink with tooth brushing situation or you will end up with toothpaste on your ears again, or you will be exiled from the room every night and morning by both of us until we are all done. (Yes, we will manage to ignore you and do what we need to even if you try to break the door down.)
You know, if you would come back upstairs with us when we call you, you wouldn't have to do the whole "trying to tear/break the door down" thing.

Do you also realize that you aren't fooling us about the wanting to come out of the basement when we open the door, even if you seem to have forgotten all about wanting it to be open?

By the way, I don't think you will be quite so successful with your results of running across the yard at a high rate of speed and jumping at a tree after you go to the vet's office tomorrow. It is time to have those very sharp, dangerous objects on your feet clipped again.

The people you have wrapped around your paw and fooled into thinking you are really sweet and cooperative will cut them very, very short for me. (Just because they are really nice that way.)

Yes, of course this letter is for you. Isn't everything is yours after all? Plus, it is Wednesday, and that day of the week again.
Love to my favorite cat around,
By the way, I really do like the fact that you have decided that you need to have your ears and chin scratched every night after I am in bed. I enjoy falling asleep to your rumbling on my chest and resting your head on my shoulder. Is there any chance you could scoot over just a wee tiny bit so I don't have to breath and taste all that fur though?


Monica said...

HAHAH that's hilarious! Great photos to go with your letter.

I especially like: "or you will end up with toothpaste on your ears AGAIN" ahhaha

Great photo of Oribel up the tree! My poor Henry doesn't have a very good track record with trees -- stuck up three and then deemed a house cat.

Anita said...

They don't necessarily want to come in, or get on the other side of that closed door... they just want to see if they can make us open it! LOL

Love the photo of her leg under the door! Looks like someone else I know. :)

Judy said...

Yikes...those are some razor sharp claws. I recognize the kitty-arm-under-the-door pose. :)

Jayhawk said...

Molly has reached the point that she merely has to be on "Dad's" lap for claw trimming. She merely looks woeful and apprehensive and no longer has to be held down at all until the last paw, at which point a "rapid response" restraint is required. Upon completion she bolts for the kitchen and does a sittup beside the kitchen table in anticiaption of the treats that are her due for such behavior.

Bubblesknits said...

LOL Fluffy insists on perching on my shoulder while I try to get ready in the bathroom. I don't know why she decided that was a good place to sit, but it really bites when I'm trying to put on mascara and a cat jumps on my back. lol

madonnaearth said...

No wonder you're taking her to the vet. Those claws are sharp!

bruce said...

nice kitty, even if it is bipolar, I mean a kitten. and those claws are razors.. yikes. I need to get Keeety trimmed too

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the photos and story you are so fun:)Our cat precious can open the doors with her paws and will chase you up the stairs and bite your ankle which causes you to jump Hugs Darcy